Hi, I am Jeanie; I grew up here on the Gold Coast and have had an amazing journey.  It includes adventure in the Australian Outback, living in a commune, falling in love, working in cafes and working on a farm.  Through all of it my goal has always been a spiritual one.  However when I looked for my first Yoga class I didn’t want any of that stuff.  Just the exercise, like many others I suppose.  After a few years of using DVDs to practice with, I eventually sought out a teacher. I looked for somewhere that would be serious but without the feeling that someone would be trying to conjure some kind of experience in me that was not authentic.  The Gold Coast School of Iyengar Yoga http://www.yogaschool.com.au/ drew me in and I feel extremely blessed to have found such an experienced and skilled teacher in Jan O’Donoghue.

With Jan as my Mentor I completed my Diploma in Yoga Teaching with the International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA) in 2015.  I continue to develop my own practice and am devoted to ongoing training and development with The Gold Coast School of Iyengar Yoga for as long as it exists.

I have three teenage, woops, adult boys who teach me to reconnect with my own innocence and curiosity and make me extremely proud.  I have a man who loves me bravely and honours me by encouraging my growth and need to be entirely me.

I have also worked for almost 10 years in a profession that seeks to empower those who suffer both internal and external forces of oppression. These things all converged to propel me towards the path of yoga.

I am passionate about the art of yoga and sharing it with others and I hope this is felt by those who I teach.